What is CARRE: Multiparametric Scale?

CARRE Multiparametric Scale is a multifunctional and multiparametric device developed within the CARRE project. The device allows to acquire 3 lead electrocardiogram (Einthoven’s triangle) and bioimpedance spectroscopy parameters at 5 frequencies. Bioimpedance is measured between the subject’s feet (lower extremities impedance) and arms (thorax impedance). Acquired bioimpedance data are used for estimation and monitoring of body water changes. Short-term electrocardiogram recordings serve for detection of atrial fibrillation arrhythmia, and for estimation of heart rate variability parameters. Moreover, electrocardiogram together with synchronously recorded bioimpedance signals is used for operator-less estimation of pulse arrival time (PAT) which is considered as a potential indicator of arterial stiffness. In addition, PAT can be measured in two modes: normal and guided breathing allowing to monitor PAT modulation changes during time.

Raw data files are recorded by using a standard format for biomedical signals – General Data Format (GDF). Therefore the files can be opened in standard GDF viewers (e.g., SigViewer) or CARRE Multiparametric Scales Data Analyzer. The data files are stored locally and also automatically transferred to the computing server via the embedded WiFi module. Bluetooth Smart wireless capability is used to configure the scales or employed as Smart Hub for wearables.

Currently, CARRE Multiparametric scale is being used as a scientific instrument for unobtrusive registration of biosignal databases. More details about the device can be found in CARRE project deliverable D3.2 “Sensors and Aggregators for Personal Sensor Data: UPDATE”.