PIAP is a technology provider with a strong commitment to the transfer of modern technologies originating both from their own work as well as from cooperation with other science and technology partners to world market.PIAP has extensive expertise in decision support systems and run-time infrastructures and have been involved in the development of sensor data and information management technologies for capturing, processing and managing data considering multi-sensor data fusion, especially data from sensors distributed on the large area. Also, the have developed a mechatronic active rehabilitation assistance system for stroke/orthopaedic patients.

PIAP Team Members

Team Leader

Roman Szewczyk

Rafal Kloda

Jan Piwinski

Katarzyna Rzeplinska

Agnieszka Spronska

Iwona Wojtczak

Magdalena Lopatynska

Wojciech Winiarski

Robert Ugodziński

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The Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) has been developing new technologies since its formation in the year 1965. Nowadays it belongs to the top ten of Polish Research Institutes. It is a state owned entity supervised by the Ministry of Economy. PIAP`s main task is the transfer of modern technologies originating both from our own work as well as

from cooperation with other science and technology subjects to world market. From the beginning of its activity it is solving technical problems in various sectors connected with security of citizens, security of infrastructure and technical support for public and national security services. PIAP flag products – mobile robots for special tasks are used by European police and military forces.

Moreover PIAP offers the following services to its clients: implementation of scientific and R&D projects required for development of new methods and equipment in the fields of: robotics, satellite navigation and telemetry, testing components and systems at certified Laboratory for Testing of Industrial Automation and Robotics (PIAP-LAB) issuing product certificates according to Polish certification model by Product Certification Department. PIAP employs about 250 people, with more than 100 high skilled engineers and scientists among them.

Website: http://www.piap.pl/