What is CARRE: Wrist Worn Device?

CARRE Wrist Worn Device is a device developed within the CARRE project. It is capable to acquire biooptical signal (photoplethysmogram) and electrophysiological signal (electrocardiogram) as a reference. The reference can be detached from the device in unobtrusive usage scenario. Axillary signals from sensors such as: inertial measurement unit, altimeter, ambient temperature and humidity sensors, are acquired in order to observe physical activity, movement and environmental conditions.

Data files are recorded using standard format for biomedical signals (GDF). Therefore they can be opened in standard GDF viewers and tools (e.g., GDF Viewer, Matlab GUI for CARRE Wrist worn device). Records are transferred to the smartphone (and Bluetooth Smart Ready Hub) via embedded Bluetooth Smart module. Bluetooth Smart wireless connection can be used also to configure wrist worn device.

Two applications of CARRE Wrist worn device are being pursued: real-time atrial fibrillation arrhythmia monitoring, e.g., during hemodialysis procedure, and long-term, offline atrial fibrillation arrhythmia monitoring in rehabilitation settings or at home. Currently, the device is able to perform continuous acquisition of high resolution signals for at least 24 h.

More details about the device can be found in CARRE project deliverable D3.2 “Sensors and Aggregators for Personal Sensor Data: UPDATE”.