What is CARRE: DSS Runtime Infrastructure?

In CARRE system, Decision support service (DSS) determines the optimal solution, predict future trends and patterns based on information data analytics and formal reasoning formed on ontologies, which are the main techniques supported by RDF Linked Data, which then will be the main source of decision recommendations for CARRE. Together with interactive visualization interface, DSS supports patient application, by providing user-friendly visualization of the current disease status with appropriate personal recommendation and advises to his lifestyle.

In CARRE system, the data to Decision support service are retrieved via RESTful APIs web service provided both by the public and private CARRE data repositories. After receiving the appropriate data the DSS analyses the data to determine optimal recommendation and solutions for patient. Based on assessment of inputs from semantic data entry system the DSS should create educational materials based on current disease state and risks, create personal diet and physical activities plan as well as provide alerting mechanisms and appropriate advises for changes.

All above pieces of information are send to private RDF Repository to be an input data to interactive visualization interface, by means of text, variables and recommendation to intuitive and user-friendly visualization in patient application.


API for using CARRE RDF repositories, GUI Explorer of RDF and basic risk factor reasoning scripts:

  • v0.5 (Released 11 January 2016, Deliverable 6.1)

DSS web service:

The CARRE DSS Runtime Infrastructure is Open Source

CARRE DSS Runtime Infrastructure is Open Source and can be freely used in Open Source applications under the terms GNU General Public License (GPL).