What is CARRE ECG aggregator?

CARRE ECG aggregator is Java software for analysis of data ECG files recorded by Emotion Faros or similar devices, developed within the CARRE project. Description of the ECG aggregator is provided in the Annex of the deliverable D3.2 “Sensors and Aggregators for Personal Sensor Data”. The accepted data format is European data format, EDF. The CARRE ECG aggregator performs ECG analysis, atrial fibrillation (AF) detection, parametrization (AF episode start time, duration and average heart rate in AF), and parameter uploading to the personal CARRE RDF repository as well as analysis report generation in .PDF format.


CARRE ECG Aggregator:


CARRE ECG Aggregator is Open Source

CARRE ECG Aggregator is Open Source and can be freely used in Open Source applications under the terms GNU General Public License (GPL).

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