What is CARRE: Interactive Visual Interface?

The main goal of the CARRE Interactive Visual Interface is to provide data visualization functions for users to explore the data stored in the CARRE repositories. Users (patients and medical professionals) can: 1) explore the risk associations stored in the public RDF repository to see the possible development of a diseases and comorbidities; 2) explore the patients’ tracking data stored in CARRE private RDF repository. These data are mainly expected to be collected by using various sensors, the data include: biomarkers, lifestyles, and medicine intake. The visual analytic approaches provided by the interface that allows these data to be visualized in different style and level of details, which aims to reveal detailed conditions of the patient; 3) visualize patient’s tracking data against the risk associations to understand the personalized disease progression.


The source code of the interactive interface contains 2.06MB of java code, 4.5MB images, the rest are html code, js code and resources.

Users without bitbucket account are able to read but not edit the code. The code is also public available under the following link:


CARRE Interactive Visual Interface is Open Source

CARRE Interactive Visual Interface is Open Source and can be freely used in Open Source applications under the terms GNU General Public License (GPL).

Copyright © 2015, CARRE Project, University of Bedfordshire (BED), UK