What is CARRE Measurements Ontology?

The aim of the CARRE Measurements Ontology is to represent the concepts involved in the private data gathering component of CARRE. In particular, it seeks to represent what is involved in the gathering of data from personalised sensors. The development of this ontology has been informed by the software development for the WP4 semantic repository, which at the time of writing is able to collect data from devices produced by three commercial manufacturers: Fitbit, iHealth and Withings, although it is designed to be extensible to enable data to be imported from any source. The specific measurable quantities presented in the model correspond to data which is available from these three manufacturers; however, the generic model of measurement is generic, and is expected to grow in coverage as the project progresses.


CARRE Measurements Ontology:

v1.0 (Released 11 October 2014, Deliverable 2.4)


Visit the risk factor ontology in KMI website: http://carre.kmi.open.ac.uk/ontology/sensors.owl

CARRE Measurements Ontology is Open Source

CARRE Measurements Ontology is Open Source and can be freely used in Open Source applications under the terms GNU General Public License (GPL).

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