What is CARRE Medical Evidence Data Aggregator?

The main goal of the CARRE Medical Evidence Data Aggregator is to gather medical knowledge with the aims to 1) enrich the evidence of the existing risk descriptions as entered manually by medical experts and 2) identify new risk associations for cardiorenal diseases and comorbidity as published in medical literature during and beyond the project’s lifetime. The evidences data, once confirmed by the medical experts, will be stored in the CARRE semantic RDF repository, which will be linked to open linked data repository to be used by public.

There are two parts of the aggregator which fulfills the above mentioned two goals, they are: the Known Medical Evidence Data Aggregator and the New Risk Association Data Aggregator.

  • The Known Medical Evidence Data Aggregator is a Web service which allows expert to verify and evaluate the new evidence for the known risk associations based on the data mining results by the beackend system.
  • The New Risk Association Data Aggregator is a backend service that identify the new risk associations.


Medical Evidence Data Aggregator:


CARRE Medical Evidence Data Aggregator is Open Source

CARRE Medical Evidence Data Aggregator is Open Source and can be freely used in Open Source applications under the terms GNU General Public License (GPL).

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