What is CARRE Risk Factor Ontology?

The “core” of the CARRE Risk Factor Ontology is the semantic representation of the CARRE data model for risk (D.2.2), intended to represent current medical knowledge regarding cardiorenal risk factors. This core relates to public data; that is to say, data from the medical literature regarding conditions, genetics, demographics and the environment, how these factors interact and the studies and evidence quality relating to their interactions.

CARRE Risk Factor Ontology links to a number of relevant external standardized vocabularies, namely: ICD9/10 and SNOMED-CT (for diseases), ICD10PCS (for interventions), FOAF and HL7 (for demographics), UMLS (for genetic, environmental and behavioural concepts), W3C ontologies for time, time zone and geography, CMO and LOINC (for measurements), and QUDT and UO (for units of measurement).


CARRE Risk Factor Ontology:

v1.0 (Released 5 October 2014, Deliverable 2.4)


Visit the risk factor ontology in KMI website: http://carre.kmi.open.ac.uk/ontology/risk.owl
Visit the risk factor ontology in NCBO BioPortal: http://bioportal.bioontology.org/ontologies/CARRE

CARRE Risk Factor Ontology is Open Source

CARRE Risk Factor Ontology is Open Source and can be freely used in Open Source applications under the terms GNU General Public License (GPL).

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